Imran Mughal is a true visionary who has helped AJ Multimedia Studios evolve into a successful entity. He served as CEO after co-founding the company in 2005 & has been serving as the General Manager since 2009 owing to a joint venture with Cyber Imaging Systems Inc. A born leader, Imran also serves as Senior VP of Technology at Cyber Imaging Systems Inc, which offers cutting edge eyewear solutions on a global scale.

Imran has nearly three decades of expertise under his belt. His leadership acumen & grit have helped him make his mark as a creative director, proprietor & a true entrepreneur. In 2009, He led AJ Multimedia Studios to join hands with Cyber Imaging Systems to wholly manage its enterprise-wide & day to day operational activities.

His passion for business ventures is exemplary. Imran inspirational persona has always been the hallmark for AJ Multimedia Studios success. With an unrelenting commitment towards achieving results, he has overseen multiple companies to thrive on his watch.
He holds key positions in Cyber Imaging Systems, My Vision Pod & Eyeweb Safety, spearheading every project with the whole team at AJ Multimedia Studios.